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Open Evening - NEXT WEEK
If you haven't yet visited our HQ on Old Street why not come along after work next week? We're just 30 seconds walk from Old Street tube station.

Date: Wednesday 7th February
Time: 6pm to 8pm (just come along when convenient)
Place: ,


  Topless Heavyweight
The latest addition to the fleet cruised into the écurie25 HQ just two days ago.  If you've ever wondered what it would be like to cruise around town in an opulent open top living room, having the back of your neck gently carressed by the breeze....you need to join é25!


Karting Challenge!
40 écurie25 members, friends and colleagues battled it out at the brand new Raceway kart circuit on Tuesday.

After three hours of bumper to bumper racing the evening ended with just one écurie25 member on the podium.  Our own MD headed up the staff in 4th place, must do better next time!




A night fit for a Kingly!
écurie25 members came together to sample the very exclusive Kingly Club last Thursday.  Complementary cocktails and a live latin band made for a great night. 

Such famous names as Oliver Reed, Audrey Hepburn, George Best, Steve McQueen, Laurence Olivier & Marilyn Monroe have frequented the venue in the past....so the écurie25 members felt quite at home!


We have negotiated discounted Kingly Club membership for écurie25 members.



Happy Birthday to Us!
Our launch party was held on 1st December 2005, so we are now well into our second year. And there is plenty for us to celebrate!

We started with just 6 cars and a handful of brave members. We now have 13 cars on the fleet and over 100 grinning members, the majority of whom have already committed to re-joining for another year to remember.

In the past year we have bought a total of 19 cars including 3 Ferrari F430 Spiders and 2 Lamborghini Gallardos.  Our members have covered over 270,000 miles, through 13 european countries, using every one of the 6,291 horsepower available to them!

2007 will see an increase in the pace of growth, a greater number of exclusive member events and benefits, and of course a massive amount of new hardware for us all to play with.



écurie25 in the press
To see our press clippings please click here.

Sport Magazine
écurie25 boasts a fleet of about a dozen cars that would make even your averagely dim Premiership footballer sit up and take notice.”

Canary Wharf Magazine
“Imagine a world where you can switch effortlessly from and Aston Martin to a Porsche to a Ferrari and back again with no cost or concern.”



Dan Smith
Sales Director


écurie25 Limited


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"I now know why a Ferrari is not like any other car, there is something indescribable about it that makes the whole experience fantastic and something that I will never forget." - écurie25 member.