July Newsletter


Open Evening - August 30th
Come and see us after work for a quick drink and a closer look around the £2m fleet. We are just next to Old Street tube station. Places limited, please .

Date: Thursday August 30th
Time: 6pm to 8pm (just come along when convenient)
Place: , (map)



Only car club in the UK with Audi R8!
Kate Moss and Pete Docherty were said to be distraught when they found out our R8 had arrived.  No other car in é25 history has grabbed so much public attention. 

If you fancy finding out what celebrity life is like then you need to get behind the wheel of this beast.
Download our R8 Wallpaper



New é25 Website
It?s been months in the making but well worth the wait. If it isn?t already your favourite place on the net then it will be when you see it!

Take a look and have a play.




The Mistress
'The Mistress? has found it?s way onto Pistonheads TV and to date over a thousand people have registered to view it. If you haven?t already taken a look then click here to see what all the fuss is about.




Karting Challenge
It?s about time for another testosterone fuelled écurie25 event so we?ve booked The Raceway for the evening of September 3rd.

Starting at 7.30pm, each competitor gets a number of heats and a crack at the finals at the best indoor track in London. Tickets cost £85 and é25 members will be given first refusal.

 quickly, we had to turn people away last year!




Vantage Roadster
The ?baby? Aston was a favourite of ours when we launched with the coupe back in January ?06.

As one of only a handful of cars that looks even better in convertible guise than it does as a hardtop, this will be a popular addition to the stable?so we ordered two! The first will be arriving very shortly.



Topless all the way
The sunshine has finally arrived which is a very good thing seeing as our roofless Caterham CSR260 has just growled into the garage courtesy of Track-Club.

If you thought the 911 Turbo was quick just wait till you try this, it's enough to make grown men cry!  Get it while you can, it?s here for one month only.



écurie25 in the Press

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Dan Smith

Sales Director

écurie25 Ltd



"...and then I found the tunnel that goes under the Park Royal roundabout. Slow down to 20mph at the entrance, 2nd gear, full throttle?.2 days later I?ve still got that maniacal grin on my face!

This is not a car, it?s a living breathing animal." - écurie25 member