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How It Works

In return for the yearly membership fee, members are allocated credits. Each time a member drives an écurie25 car they use some of their credits.


There is a daily credits charge for each day used in an écurie25 car, and a mileage credit charge for every mile driven. The daily credit charge for each car group is the same, but the mileage credit charge varies with each car group. The total credit value of a booking is now a combination of the daily credits, and the mileage credits.


For example, a summer weekend doing 200 miles in our Audi R8 would use 90 + (200*0.1) = 110 credits.


The exception is for cars in group é4, where you can do unlimited miles without paying any additional credits.

Credits per day Credits per mile
Winter Weekday 10 é0 0.4
Winter Weekend (per 3 days) 60 é1 0.2
Summer Weekday 15 é2 0.1
Summer Weekend (per 3 days) 90 é3 0.05
é4 0


Need a summary? Our Membership Information Guide will give you an overview of écurie25.
Membership Guide
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