Interested in joining the écurie25 sales team?

We are looking to add someone to our sales team. The ideal candidate:

  • Gave up selling ice to the eskimos as it was too easy.
  • Can reverse a Lamborghini through an impossibly narrow gap.
  • Scores 100% on the écurie25 quiz. Every time.
  • Feels pain if they see a dirty / damaged / unloved supercar.
  • Can list all the modes of a Manettino without looking.
  • Does not subscribe to any form of clear desk policy.
  • Loves Ferrari, but supports McLaren.
  • Has never been caught up in a Pistonheads rant.
  • Has never fitted a spoiler to a family hatchback.
  • Survives on nothing but Pret sandwiches and Chocolate Moose
  • Subscribes to Car, Autocar, Evo, or Top Gear Magazine.
  • Would never be seen reading Auto Express.
  • Realises that a Murcielago is not something to aspire to owning.
  • Can survive the torture of Goldmine on a daily basis.
  • Thinks 9-5 is for wimps.

    If that sounds like you, then:

    1. Read through the job description.
    2. Send us your CV to .

    Closing date for applications is 30th June 2008. Good Luck!

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