Member Testimonials

Want to know what the experience of écurie25 membership is like? Here are a few quotes from our members:

"I have been absolutely delighted by my écurie25 experience - both the running of the club, and, of course, driving the vehicles themselves. I can think of no areas to suggest for improvement, as I found every aspect of my membership operated smoothly. As soon as my finances allow, I'd love to rejoin." - David

"I must say that I am extremely impressed with the ease of picking up and dropping off cars and always with a smile – a great service that you should all be proud of – a real pleasure to do business with you - Thanks." - Mike

"It has been a very enjoyable experience signing up with écurie25, especially as I was planning it all from Australia! Dan was very helpful, and I would recommend your company to others considering trialing exotic sports cars without the full cost of ownership." - Alan

"Many thanks to you all for providing a significant element of a truly memorable weekend, we all really appreciated the Gallardo and I'm already looking forward to the next visit. This may be a couple of months away but the planning will be part of the pleasure. I also want to say how nice it was to deal with you guys - a great pleasure and I really think you have pitched things just right. I like your style!" - Richard

"Thanks a lot for everything so far, you run a very professional outfit, I’m very impressed!" - Ross

"Imagine my horror when being in an unfamiliar car, in a car park at dusk, I had a little accident and put a gash in the front bumper of the 360 Spider. A thought of, oh god, that will be a few grand immediately flashed before my eyes. However, écurie25 have managed to patch it up (along with the wheel I kerbed) all for just over £200. How they do it I don't know, but their motto of 'we aren't here to make money out of scratches and scrapes' is not only true, but stunning in practice!" - Justin

"Apart from having a great selection of cars, one of the best aspects of écurie25 has been dealing with your team. I've been really impressed with the whole team, so my sincere thanks to all." - Richard

"I just want to thank you for always looking after me - I'm a very happy customer. Thank you for arranging delivery of the F430 to Spain, and I’m sure I’ll have just as much fun with the Murcielago in Monacco!" - Moses

"Great experience and customer service throughout, it was one of the nicest ways to spend 10k I have had the pleasure of. The quality of the cars and the membership is a great way to have supercar ownership. I will be owning a new S5 next year, but it won't be comparable to my écurie25 experience." - Ryan

"écurie25 understands that their customers want a hassle free, efficient service which is flexible and reasonably priced. They do exactly that! Keep up the good work, I would definitely recommend you..." - Daniel

"Even though my membership is now over (a very sad day) I would like to be kept informed of developments at écurie25 in the knowledge that I will hopefully renew my membership at some point next year. In the meantime please pass on my thanks to the whole team for providing such a superb service for what was a fantastic year of driving for me. You’ve managed to get the best cars before any of the other clubs and whilst they are still exclusive to the road even in the city!" - Shayne

"I first met the Ecurie guys in Paternoster Square last Christmas. After Dan gave me a quick explanation of the principle, I said it was a 'no-brainer'. My first years membership is now up and I still think membership is a no-brainer! The marketing, people and cars are a perfect mix." - Ian

"What an amazing year! Driving to Le Mans in a Porsche, the Cotswolds in an Aston, and the Peak District in a Ferrari. I've basically driven every car of my dreams in the last year. Worth every penny." - James

"Having recently finished my membership of écurie25 I have only one thing to say to anyone considering joining: " Do it; you won't regret it for a moment, it's worth every penny." It's been a marvellous experience to have access to so many cars I would never dream of owning and without having to worry about the issues associated with supercar ownership. Everyone at écurie25 is helpful, friendly, knowledgeable and enthusiastic and they do their best to ensure members get the most from the cars. I'd highly recommend écurie25 to anyone with an interest in four wheeled exotica." - Richard

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