Porsche GT3 RS

No one allows you to choose your automotive weapon with such accuracy as Porsche. And there is no car more weapon-like than our Basalt Black GT3 RS. Think of it as Porsche's version of a Caterham - noisy, uncomfortable, undriveable in the rain, but on the right day, on the right road, it is the best car on the fleet....

September Newsletter

écurie25 and Quadriga have merged!

We are very excited to announce that écurie25 has merged with Quadriga Club!

As a result of the merger, écurie25 now offer an even better selection of supercars and also have a West London pickup location. We have also made some changes to the car groups and updated the points system to a new & improved credits system which makes weekend usage much cheaper and fairer for all. Along with this we have also added an additional £700k of cars.

We are all extremely excited about the merger and the new improved écurie25 offering. It brings with it many benefits for all members and cements our position as the ultimate London car club.

August Newsletter

Aston Martin DBS

The new Aston DBS is all about ‘more’.  More, power, more presence, more sporting, more fun……than any other Aston we’ve had the pleasure of sampling. It's James Bond’s company car, and as a result, possibly the coolest man made machine on the planet. The DBS epitomises the “speak quietly, and carry a great big stick” attitude of true British beef. There are very few in the UK and you could be driving our very beautiful black example....

June Newsletter

écurie25 Carbon Offsetting

Membership to écurie25 is a very environmentally friendly way to access supercars. By joining écurie25, you are sharing, not just the costs, but also the environmental impact of supercars with the other members.

It is important to remember that the environmental impact of cars does not just come from the fuel that they burn, but also from the energy used during production of the car. Therefore, by a number of people sharing a supercar you get a reduction in your impact on the environment versus individually owning and running your own supercar. In addition to this écurie25 give all their members the option to carbon offset the mileage they complete in écurie25 cars over their membership.

The écurie25 Carbon Offsetting Programme works by calculating the carbon dioxide emissions produced by écurie25 cars during a membership and then buying into a project which saves carbon dioxide emissions. The écurie25 Carbon Offsetting Programme is £50 per membership. Please ask at the time of joining.

May Newsletter

Luxury in the City Event

At the beginning of April, écurie25 held an exclusive event with partners The Hideaways Club, City Golf, and CityPoint Club to celebrate the best in luxury services the City has to offer.

We'd like to say a big thank you to everyone who came along and joined us for champagne, canapés and some friendly competition on the golf and driving simulators. Congratulations must also go to all the winners of the fabulous prizes that were up for grabs on the night.

April Newsletter

e25 Corporate Incentive Solution

é25 Corporate is a highly visible incentive solution for companies based right across the UK.  Whether you wish to incentivise staff to hit business targets, reward dedicated Directors, motivate increased client spend or open dialogue with target clients, there is a supercar based experience to suit.  é25 Corporate brings together supercar club membership, one off supercar hire and track based experiences from a cost of just £1,000 upwards. 

Register your interest and you will receive further information when we officially launch on April 7th.

March Newsletter

Champagne with Corney & Barrow

We'd like to say a big thank to everyone who joined us for champagne and canapés at Paternoster Square at the beginning of February. The event, which was held in partnership with Corney & Barrow Winebars, was a huge success. With the champagne and cocktails flowing freely, and a selection of our impressive fleet in such an inspiring setting, it certainly drew some envious glances from passers-by. One lucky attendee even took home a Becker Sat-Nav system!

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écurie25 2008 Calendar

The New Year is the time to start organising your life in style and what better way to do that than with one of our stunning calendars for 2008. The calendar features beautiful photographs of the écurie25 fleet from our collection of images. Not only will it look great on your home or office wall, it would make a great present for that car-crazy nephew.

The calendar is 500mm wide by 300mm and costs £20 plus P&P.

This limited edition calendar will be highly sought after so be sure to place your order immediately! To order your calendar go to

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Happy New Year!

As we enter into another new year, we thought it might be fun to look back at some of the interesting facts and figures we have acheived over the past two years. If you want a tiny bit of an insight into the running of our spectactular fleet of supercars, then look no further....
In the past two years, écurie25 has...

- Bought amongst other things, 9 Lamborghinis and 8 Ferrari's
- Saved our members £2.2 million in depreciation
- Spent £7m on supercars
- Had members complete 550,000 miles (that's the same as going to the moon and back, and still having enough miles left over to do a couple of laps of the earth!)
- Spent £280,000 servicing our cars
- Got through 304 tyres
- Shipped 18,000 copies of (the triple award nominated) é25 magazine to excited recipients
- Been written about in over 75 newspapers and magazines

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New Maserati GranTurismo

The already fabulous écurie25 fleet just got a bit more fabulous with the arrival of one of the first Maseratti GranTurismo’s to land in the UK. Our stunning silver example features a Bordeaux leather interior, top of the range Bose Stereo, and some beautiful 20” Birdcage style alloys. To drive it offers the perfect blend of sport and comfort, and has the rare feature of allowing 4 fully grown people to enjoy it at once.

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911 Turbo Cabriolet

Another month and another new car joins the écurie25 stable. This month it is the turn of the fabulously quick 480bhp 911 Turbo Cabriolet. In keeping with our habit of getting our members in the finest cars as soon as they are released, the écurie25 911 Turbo Cabriolet was the first car delivered in London, and was immediately out in the hands of our lucky members.

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September marked the launch of one of the most anticipated cars of the year – the new BMW M3, and of course écurie25 has one of the launch cars. It is on the booking system and ready to be driven now!

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Vantage Roadster

We all loved the Aston Martin Vantage at écurie25, and with the Roadster Aston have made a very fine thing even better! Our first car is silver with a red leather interior, and if that is not quite your cup of tea, we have a second one - dark grey with black car arriving in September. Oh, and all the rumours are true – it is the greatest sounding car on the planet!

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Vorsprung durch Technik

We always said we’d have the first Audi R8 into the UK, and so we have. Our dark silver R8 has arrived and is on the booking system. Before you ask: Yes, it looks fabulous, yes it sounds awesome, yes it drives superbly, and yes it really is that good. No one else has one, so what are you waiting for?


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The Mistress

Yes we know we are only halfway through the month, but there are so many exciting things going on with écurie25 at the moment, we couldn’t wait to tell you all about it….. Our 5th Lamborghini arriving, our 3rd edition of é25 magazine, our event at the Michelin starred Banares, and the release of our first film! View The Mistress.

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Posh Cars, Posh Food

Our fabulous member events continued this month as écurie25 took over the Michelin Starred Indian Restaurant Benares for an evening of fine food, wine and merriment. Of course there was a supercar slant to the evening too as we bought the Berkeley Square to a stand still by parking 4 of our Lamborghinis outside the Restaurant.

The Future is Bright

We quite liked our Gunmetal Grey Gallardo Spyder at écurie25 but some of our members felt it was, well, a little subtle. For those of you who like to be seen, how about our brand new bright orange Gallardo Spyder E-Gear. We could write a small essay on how good this car is, or you could just look at the picture below and see for yourself how cool it is!

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Twin Turbos

Another month, another car….. To celebrate April we have doubled up on two of the most popular cars on the fleet - the Porsche 911 Turbo and the Ferrari F430 Spider F1. We now have two Turbos - one silver and one black, and two F430's - one Spider and one Coupe. Decisions, decisions…

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Topless Fun

The award for the loudest car in the écurie25 fleet had to be re-presented this month with the arrival of the Gallardo Spyder. In fact if you have been in London recently you’ve probably heard our 520bhp topless beauty rumble by……

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Quite a display

That’s not all this month – écurie25 also wowed the city by putting on a display of just 6 of the fleet on Exchange Square above Liverpool Street Station. We brought along 2 Lambos, an F430 Spider, the DB9, Bentley Conti GT and the 911 GT3. If you missed the show, don’t worry there are more planned for the summer.

Let's Off Road

OK so it can't do 0-60 in the blink of an eye, it doesn't corner like it's on rails, and it certainly doesn't attract hordes of camera phone photo hunters.  It will however get you unscathed through the urban jungle like no other.  Needless to say, speed humps are not an issue!

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British Bling

There are many ways to welcome in the start of a new year. The écurie25 way is to add a Bentley Continental GTC to the fleet. Who cares if it is cold? Just put the heated seats on full, get the roof down and add a bit of bling to your life with our brand new GTC.

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Snow Storm blows in from Germany

The eagerly awaited GT3 blew in from our German friends just before Christmas. It's on the booking system and if you want to blow away the 'back to work blues' or simply need a testosterone boost then there's little else that will do the job better.

Another month, another new arrival

November saw écurie25 take delivery of a brand new 480bhp Porsche 911 Turbo. Dressed in Artic Silver with a blue leather interior the Turbo is unquestionably the fastest point to point car ever to grace the écurie25 stable. Login, book it, and find out for yourself what Porsche can do given 30 years development time...

Shaken and Stirred

Just in time for the new James Bond film, écurie25 add the ultimate gentleman’s express to the fleet in the shape of the gorgeous Aston Martin DB9. You’ve driven our Vantage, now upgrade to the bigger brother – a true masterpiece of British design – We give you the DB9.

écurie25 at Paternoster Square

September saw écurie25 display a fabulous selection of its £1m fleet of supercars on Paternoster Square next to St Pauls.  Without a doubt the show was stolen by écurie25’s bright green Lamborghini Murcielago, but the Bentley Continental GT,  Aston Martin Vantage, Ferrari F430 Spider, and Lamborghini Gallardo all added to the incredible supercar spectacle.

écurie25 Sponsor Fat Boy Racing

August bank holiday saw a podium finish for the écurie25 sponsored Fat Boy Racing offshore power boat team.
écurie25 members sat drinking champagne on a beautiful Princess Yacht as the awesome spectacle of offshore power boat racing unfolded before them, and then were treated to full pit access and the chance to chat with the team, and even get a ride in one of the race boats!

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